About .tokyo

The capital of Japan and one of the world's largest urban economies, Tokyo is a city of cutting-edge technology, luxury shopping, and world-class cuisine.
.tokyo is a new Top-Level Domain that represents Tokyo and allows businesses, communities, and people to clearly link their online identity to the city's global brand.

Why choose .tokyo?

Be instantly recognised as a website for Tokyo!

As one of the first ever city TLDs, .tokyo allows Tokyo residents, businesses and culturual or communty groups to link their online identity to the city's trusted and well recognised brands.

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Lots of great domain choices!

.tokyo is a brand new namespace. That means there are many opportunities to register clear, concise, memorable names. Registration of .tokyo names is open to all, no Tokyo address is required.


How to register your .tokyo domain name

  1. 1 Choose a domain registration service from the list on the right.
  2. 2 Conduct a search to find out if your domain name is available.
  3. 3 Follow the steps to complete your registration via the registration service.
  4. 4 You have now registered your very own .tokyo domain name!

.tokyo Domain Registration Services

  • 101domain, Inc.
  • Nominate
  • 1&1
  • 1API GmbH
  • Ascio Technologies Inc
  • COREhub S.R.L.
  • Domain The Net Technologies LTD
  • Domaininfo AB
  • Dynadot LLC
  • Enom, Inc.
  • EuroDNS S.A
  • Gonbei Domain (Japanese)
  • GoDaddy
  • IP Mirror Pte Ltd
  • Instra logo.png
  • Key-Systems GmbH
  • Lexsynergy Limited
  • SafeBrands
  • Mark-I (Japanese)
  • MarkMonitor
  • Ascio Technologies Inc
  • Net-Chinese Co., Ltd.
  • Network Solutions, LLC
  • Nom-IQ Limited dba Com Laude
  • (Japanese)
  • Openprovider
  • OpenSRS
  •, Inc.
  • Safenames Ltd
  • Thomson Reuter (Japanese)
  • united-domains AG

What should my  .tokyo domain name look like?

A .tokyo domain name should be 3-63 characters long, and may include the letters a-z, the numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-) .
There are a few restrictions on the usage of hyphens. The first and last characters in a domain name cannot be a hyphen, and the third and fourth characters may not be two consecutive hyphens.
It is also possible to register domain names in Japanese characters.
For more information on .tokyo domain name registration policies see our domain registration policies
For more information on registering Japanese language domain names please see our IDN policy


Land Rush Priority Registration


Land Rush Priority Registration is a chance to grab one of the first ever domain names in .tokyo. This is a one-time opportunity to secure valuable, short and easy-to-understand names including generic terms. No domain ames are allocated during Land Rush, we hold onto all applications until the end of the phase, and then sort out who gets what. If you submit an application for a domain name, and we receive no other applications for that name, it's yours at the end of the Land Rush period. If there is more than one application for a particular domain name, all applicants will have an equal chance to acquire the domain by participating in a domain auction.

Land Rush Dates
June 9, 2014 - July 18, 2014
Everyone is welcome to participate
How to Participate
Submit your application via a participating .tokyo registration service.

Land Rush Auctions


When we receive multiple applications for the same domain name, all applicants have an equal chance to acquire the name by participating in an auction. Bidding starts at 1,000 yen (about US $10) and bidding increments are in 500 yen (about US $5) units making it easy for anyone. Our auctions are conducted by

Land Rush Auction Dates
Beginning July 24, 2014
Eligible applicants will be invited to participate by
How to Participate
Please visit the GMO Registry or websites for details on how to participate in auctions.

General Availability


Registration for .tokyo will be opened to anyone on a first-come-first-served basis via participating registrars from July 22, 2014

General Availability
July 22, 2014
Any natural person or entity is eligible to register domain names in the .tokyo TLD. GMO Registry believes that broad registration and usage of .tokyo is essential to the goal of promoting Tokyo as a brand and building a platform for the effective delivery of Tokyo related information to Internet users worldwide.
How to Participate
Please visit the GMO Registry or websites for details on how to participate in auctions.


April 7, 2014 – New Domain .tokyo to Provide Global Communication Platform for the City of Tokyo
GMO Registry, Inc. today announced the opening of new geographic top-level domain (GeoTLD), .tokyo, one of the first new domains to represent a truly global city. During the first phase of the launch, application is open exclusively to trademark holders. After that, Internet users all over the world will have the opportunity to register some of the first .tokyo domain names beginning June 9. Please visit the GMO Registry website for details.
January 29, 2014 – .tokyo Delegated into DNS Root Zone
GMO Registry is excited to announce we today  received notification from the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) that .nagoya and .tokyo have been delegated into the DNS root zone. This is an important milestone for us, and an historical event in the history of the Internet in Japan, paving the way for the country’s first geoTLDs to launch this year.